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Objectives Our aim is To ensure that NO BANKABLE POOR WOMEN ARE LEFT BEHIND in the area of our operation

These include:
Empower the down-trodden, by providing sustainable access through microfinance and create opportunities for self- employment predominantly to poor women

Assist organizing the poor Women into Self Help Groups (SHGs)

Build entrepreneurial activities to the SHGs

Help organize the SHGs into clusters and Federations

Business development services including marketing of products or services made or extended by the eligible clients or for any other purpose for the welfare and benefit of clients.

Facilitate Federations of SHGs to organize trainings related to Livelihood, Health, Education & Community Development

Aligning and organizing them in collective solidarity in democratization for demand and self assertion of rights of women.

“To achieve client outreach of 300,000 by expanding in Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states by 2016” To enable micro entrepreneurs, eradicate poverty among the poor in Rural and Semi Urban locales to avail credit along with entrepreneurial skill development and scaling up through business growth.

Tempower women of the poorest families socio-economically through networking them into community institutions by providing micro finance and non-financial services, in a sustainable long-term relationship, thereby enabling the poor to become self-reliant, attain dignity, transform holistically and become citizens of excellence.

  Key Activities
 Economic Empowerment for women
 Technical & Managerial Skill Development
 Enterprise Development
 Marketing Strategies
 Risk Cover
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